Monday, October 21, 2019

Rhetorical Analysis Of Jaws essays

Rhetorical Analysis Of Jaws essays Jaws is horror film based on the beaches of a small island town called Amity. Within the waters of these beaches lies a killer shark, hungry for human flesh. After the terrorizing of several people by this ruthless shark, Chief Martin Brody takes it upon himself to gather a small group of people and get rid of this shark. Chief Brody gathers together a top-notch shark hunter named Quint and a shark expert named Matt Hooper. Together these three go out in search of this menacing beast to kill it and bring order back to this small Island Town. The intensity of this film is added by Steven Spielbergs use of directing. The usage of camera work, framing, editing, and even John Williams score combined together enhance the over all thriller feel of the film, creating a suspenseful and scary setting for the audience. The first element that is used very effectively within the film can be seen in the opening scene. We see a female swimming in the water and she is snagged by something. She is thrown about by an unseen creature and taken under, only a reddening of the water remains afterwards. By the audience not seeing the creature that is doing this horrible deed it creates a great deal of suspense. We, as an audience, never know where the shark is or when it will strike. Its absence from the visual screen in the first half of the film centers all suspense on the water itself, not just the area that the shark occupies, because the audience doesnt know where that place is. The audience is continually confronted with the sharks absence throughout the first half of the film, the shark will strike random people at random times. The audience does have an advantage over the people within the film, we as an audience can hear the musical score. The musical score, directly from the beginning, cues the shark for attack. The music starts and the audience knows that the shark is ...

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