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Unit 5 _____________________________________________________________________________________ Learning Objectives Unit 5 is divided into two lessons: Lesson 5A: Personal and Online Selling Lesson 5B: The Marketing Plan Unit 5 wraps up the promotional techniques with personal and online selling, then calls on you to pull it all together for your project with a final Marketing Plan in place of a final exam. This will complete the â€Å"learning by doing† part of the course and give you a taste of what marketers do that affects our lives. Overview of Written Assignment Lesson 5A is really a carryover of two more promotional elements from Lesson 4B: personal selling and online selling, which could be considered as part of direct marketing, but which gets its own consideration in Chapter 21 of the text. Personal selling and sales management could be a course of their own, and we will keep that brief without a written assignment. Online selling, however, is a hot topic, even after the burst of the Internet stock bubble, with much written about it. We will try to summarize strategic choices and good practices for you, and we will give you a chance to design a Website for your product, service, or organization (on paper – you will not have to learn computer programming here). If your organization already has a Website, we will ask you to critique it using the guidelines we give you for a good design. Lesson 5B wraps it all up and asks you to pull together the components of the Marketing Plan you have been building, lesson by lesson, and send it in. That will be, in effect, your final exam, and hopefully something you can use in the future. Instructor’s Notes Lesson 5A: Personal and Online Selling â€Å"Cows don’t give milk. You have to take it from them, twice a day.† – Anonymous In 1939, when Ben Feldman entered the life insurance business, selling $1 million worth of insurance in a year got you into the industry’s Hall of Fame. In 1956, operating out of East Liverpool, Ohio, Feldman was selling $1 million a month, in 1966, $1 million a week, and in 1969, $2 million a week. In February 1992, New York Life had a special sales contest to celebrate Feldman’s fiftieth year with the company. Feldman won, selling more than $15 million worth of insurance that month. At the time, he was recuperating in Florida from a brain hemorrhage (Corman). 1 How did Ben Feldman do it? He tried phrases out on his wife, Fritzie. â€Å"Honey, listen to this. Is it ‘No one ever died with enough money’ or ‘No one ever died with too much

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