Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Commentary on the questionnaire Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Commentary on the questionnaire - Essay Example Due to this fact, I oftentimes predisposed to being more of an evaluator of a situation and/or a particular issue. Although I realize that the test is not capable of analyzing or measuring each and every aspect of my personality, it is quite possible that I have overestimated my skills as an evaluator and should instead focus upon improving this particular aspect of my approach as a function of affecting a more positive outcome in the future. Interestingly, and somewhat surprisingly, the test denoted that irate and 11 out of 12 as far as being an â€Å"ideas person†. Whereas I have long prided myself with respect to the fact that I come up with potential solutions to issues and seek to engage teams in a positive way, the ranking of 11 out of 12 with respect to this category was not expected. In such a manner, this encourages me to continue this particular approach and engage team members with potential solutions and ideas as a means of effecting positive outcomes in the future. Furthermore, due to the fact that I have long held an interest in creativity and focused upon approaching issues from a standpoint that is uncommon to others, the potential for maximizing efficiency and benefit of being and ideas person comes to be represented to an even more full and complete degree. Additionally, as has been noted above, I have long understood myself to be both shy and somewhat in approachable in a situation that is defined by group interaction. Because of this, my scores with respect to leadership are rather low/moderate. Although ranking 6 out of 12 does not denote the fact that I am fearful of any level of leadership, it most certainly underscores the fact that I am not at ease or within a zone of comfort engaging with a position of leadership and directing others with respect to how they might best engage the tasks at hand. What was additionally noted had to do with the fact that I ranked relatively

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