Friday, October 18, 2019

IBM in China Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

IBM in China - Essay Example However, the process of manufacture of many of these parts contribute to pollution since they use CFCs and require high levels of power and cooling at datacenters, all of which have exacerbated greenhouse gas emissions and China’s increased energy use. China is a country where three decades of a communist regime have been followed by 25 years of â€Å"quasi-capitalism†, creating unrestrained economic and industrial growth and development, which have contributed heavily to pollution – China consumes 14.2% of the world’s energy and 70% of its rivers and lakes are heavily polluted. Some experts have contended that globalization impacts adversely upon the environment, since countries are forced to lower their production costs by neglecting to enact laws to preserve the environment and multinationals have the tendency to locate their polluting facilities in countries where environmental controls may be lax. In China, State environmental protection agencies are understaffed and are not equipped to cope with the burgeoning pollution levels in the country. Latest trends in China indicate that there is a growing antipathy in China against foreign investors, since it is the prevailing opinion that foreign investors use inexpensive Chinese labor and excessive amounts of energy to pollute the environment, then condemn the country for pollution and for producing cheap goods. Within China, IBM has recently been purchased by a Chinese Company Lenovo and with growing levels of fair competition within China, privatization is being encouraged. The switch to Lenovo could help IBM to tackle the stiff competition it is facing from other companies like dell and HP in the Asian region.

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