Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Organizational model that is used in the hospital setting Research Paper

Organizational model that is used in the hospital setting - Research Paper Example Also at the same level are the diagnostic services and the support services. This structure resembles a pyramid with just a few leaders at the top and quite a number of subordinates at the lower levels ( 2014). The administration usually own and operate the hospital as a business. They also deal with budgets and policies in accordance with the needs of patients and employees. The administration consists of positions such as the board of directors, executive officers, presidents, and vice presidents. Below the administration is the information department that deals with documenting of every necessary paper work. These are charged with the recruiting staff, keeping records of employees, and conducting seminars to inform staff and patients on new matters. People found at this level include receptionists, secretaries, and marketing specialists. Therapeutic department include doctors, therapists, surgeons, psychologists, therapists, dieticians, nurses, and even social workers. These professionals are responsible for the direct treatment of patients. Diagnostic department deals majorly machines and laboratories. People here deal with identifying the real cause of ailment as samples go through te sts by diagnosticians. The final group is the support service whose major role is to make sure the supply is sufficient and machines run in order. Others deal with hospital hygiene. Employees under this department include engineers, electricians and janitors. Every hospital division is as important as the other despite the organizational hierarchy, a loss in one department can easily affect the operations in the other departments of the hospital and this is so because all departments are designed to work together as one organism ( 2014). Availability of quality data is a great determinant of quality of health. Errors and adverse incidences mostly occur

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