Friday, September 13, 2019

Journal 3 and 4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Journal 3 and 4 - Essay Example It was a new finding for me to know that women in Ethiopia are living in patriarchal society, where men are the dominant, as they create all laws and policies in politics and economy. Here, women do not have any role in the society. Instead, most receive the treatment similar to that of women slaves in the past. It was shocking to know that Ethiopian women work more than men do, yet they are paid less. The low income of the Ethiopian women has forced them to get involved in other jobs that include low human standards, such as prostitution, in order to get money to provide the basic needs for themselves and their children. Their suffering does not end by them selling their bodies to men; most Ethiopian women are infected with HIV. These findings make me question the effectiveness of the Ethiopian government. It is disturbing that this government has failed to embrace effective strategies to protect women. Another new concept that I learned from the reading was that there are different kinds of violence women suffer during conflicts. Apart from physical attacks, women suffer violence within the contexts of politics, inequality, rape, family, and peacemakers. Suffering from relatives was a new idea that I did not think of. Some women deliver their own member of family to justice if they are involved in corruption. This idea can be connected to our first reading in our first class, where the report explained the way women would define security, compared to men. To women security is the safety of her children and family and being able to provide all the basic needs for survival, while for men security is all about weapons and guns. Thus, it is painful for a woman to surrender one of her relatives, who is supposed to be under her protection and a part of her responsibility. However, if this member was not surrendered then he can affect her safety and safety of her other family members. Th erefore, women

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