Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Web Filters are Not the Solution Essay -- Critical Thinking Essays

Web Filters are Not the Solution The scene is perfectly clear in my mind. Twelve years old and just home from an overnight stay with a friend, I walked in the door with a Sex Pistols patch on my backpack, a clip-on earring in my ear, and a cherry Kool-Aid dye job. The initial looks of shock and horror on the faces of my parents were priceless - that is until they opened their mouths. I was grounded for a month, forbidden to stay overnight at any friends house for the rest of the year, and told that any music I bought would have to be screened by my parents first. In the age of the Apple IIe and long before MP3s ever existed, my parents knew - or at least believed - that such a policy would give them control over what music I heard. They were wrong. Adolescents, by nature, are resourceful and cunning, and I was no exception. Within days, I had arranged an elaborate system of shadow purchases and smuggling to ensure that the punk rock well from which I had started drinking would never run dry. To be certain, todays determined parent wou...

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