Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Short and long-term career goals Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Short and Long-Term Career Goals - Essay Example Accounting has been my passion since I discovered what it was, and thus, as soon as I finished my Business Administration course and received my degree from Makerere University in 2005, I marched on to Nile Cargo Carrier Inc. to work as a junior accountant. During my tenure at NCCI, I witnessed firsthand its evolution and impact on society as it expanded, first nationally, and eventually internationally. Therefore, when I was leaving it after six years, I felt more than only sad; I felt that I was my attachment with the organization and its goals. I, now, shared its vision. In addition, thus, I took it upon myself to no longer be a mere employee of the company, but instead to establish a greater link and make more productive and active moves in its betterment. Therefore, I did. Moreover, all the while, I also founded Lusse Children’s Foundation and did some community service for my country. By 2013, as director of the organization, I have made it a personal goal to work toward s getting funds for food, shelter, and education project, and I believe to be a successful NGO, one needs to earn the trust of people, and there would be nothing better out there to prepare myself for the trust with a Northeastern degree.Everyone has a selfish side. My perspective is to establish, all the while expanding LCF, a financial consulting firm that aims to give advice to small or lower budgeted businesses. Furthermore, since I have mostly held friendly relationships with my teachers, I have become inspired to propagate MBA.

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