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Recruitment and Retention of nurses Research Paper

Recruitment and Retention of nurses - Research Paper Example The nursing profession is an important department in the development of every nation. The profession of nursing is even more important to the United States because the government more particular about the good health care of the citizenry. It is therefore not surprising that the Obama Government has devoted so much into health-care. â€Å"The Obama campaign estimates his health care reform plan will cost between $50 and $65 billion a year when fully phased in† (Laszewski, 2008). THE PROBLEM DEFINED Owning to the importance of the nursing profession and the inevitable situation of employee turnover and retirement, there is the urgent need for research and review into the recruitment of nurses to find workable means of making the recruitment of nurses successful, meaningful and mission-oriented. Closely related to the recruitment of nurses is also the issue of retention of nurses. This is because research has shown that one important factor for ensuring employee retention is thr ough positive and well organized employee recruitment (Fertile Ground Detroit, 2008). To this effect, this write-up is committed to researching and reviewing the shortfalls of recruitment processes and exercises that take place in various nursing organizations and institutions. What is more, the write-up shall critically analyze the failures of recruitment and placement exercises that have been going on in the nursing fraternity in times past. Much attention shall be placed on the duties of human resource managers in various organizations since they form the nucleus of employee recruitment processes in various organizations. Again in this write-up, the researcher shall relate the positive impacts of effective employee recruitment on employee retention. What is more, the employee shall give out personal suggestions on how recruitment of nurses can be made effective. PROBLEM ANALYSIS The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, CIPD (2011) explains that â€Å"recruitment is the process of having the right person, in the right place, at the right time.† From this definition, it is clear that there are certain processes and guidelines that should be followed in recruitment exercises in various nursing organizations. To this end, the major problem that has been linked to poor recruitment is wrong approach towards the recruitment exercise. Wrong approach to Advertisement Firstly, most organizations take the wrong approach in the advertisement and publicity of recruitment vacancies. This is because most often than not, organizations looking for nurses restrict their advertisement to nursing schools and few community newspapers with the view of attracting fewer candidates in order to save money. However, this limits the number of potentially capable candidates for the vacancy. Constitution of Recruitment Team Another problem has to do with the constitution of recruitment team. In some organizations, the recruitment process is left in the hands very few people. This however reduces efficiency because the work becomes tedious for the few people. Inefficiencies are seen when the people have to spend much time undertaking manual processes when those tasks could be

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