Thursday, November 21, 2019

Race and Your Community Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Race and Your Community - Research Paper Example The basic reason for this is that racial diversity in many parts of the world is becoming commonplace including my own neighborhood. Racial diversity and tolerance has become increasingly essential for ones growth in the society we live in. This paper looks into various influences of race in my community in Atlanta, GA. Discussion Living in America as an African American is not easy and the case is not any different in Atlanta. I am currently employed at South Fulton Medical Center where people of all races converge for their medical needs. I therefore have a deep understanding of all the aspects that surround people of different races. It is however important to appreciate that people of all races, African Americans, Caucasians, Hispanic etc seem to have similar values and beliefs (Sanjek & Gregory, 1994). My family values were that all people are equal in the eyes of God and we should see all as equal. Racism in my community is not a big problem but it is a cause for concern. When I was a small child I remember that all children played games together irrespective of ones race. We even played video games, went out together and even had sleepovers. I remember also with delight how we used to be punished by our friends’ parents who were of different race and my parents would take it as a normal act of instilling discipline in all of us. The basic discipline revolved around respecting elders, one another and oneself. The level of insecurity at our neighborhood was at par with some of the best of the affluent communities but there were still some racial differences. The media in Atlanta is one that tries to capture all issues as they are irrespective of characters involved. What matters to them is the story at the end of the day and to keep all people irrespective of race, glued to the various stations. College games are at the forefront in media coverage together with many other activities. The media has for a long time tried to identify with people of all races by capturing all that is in the offing without being biased (Hartmann & Cornell, 2007). The media in Atlanta therefore offers a good platform for Black Americans like me, Caucasians, Hispanic and others to be showcased in whatever they do. Leadership in Atlanta especially in my community represents the racial diversity in the city and its environs. People have come here from all parts of United States and abroad and it is surprising to see that even people who were immigrants are leading in various departments and areas in the city (Solomos & Goldberg, 2002). Examples are the department heads in my workplace; they are 20% Black Americans, 45% Caucasians and the rest take 35%. Many of these posts are not elected but appointed which indicates that the level of racial segregation is low in my neighborhood and workplace as compared to other states in the US. This was however not the case when my parents were young as almost all the posts of leadership, political or otherwise, wer e occupied by Caucasians. It is therefore the wishes of leaders to ensure that this outfit is abolished by treating all people as equals. Minority groups to a large extent are appreciated in my community. There has been a growing trend of Atlanta picking liberalism and becoming an all-rounded city. According to Bagby (May 2010), examples are the gay community in the city who are mostly found in Midtown, black Americans, Hispanic and Asians. For one to appreciate that these people’

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